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The Ultimate in Long-Bone Digital Imaging Technology is Here!

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The Longtail contains a DRZ+ scintillator coupled with an amorphous silicon detector. It has an active imaging area of 42×17 inches that can accommodate a wide variety of patient sizes in both the supine or standing positions, reducing the need for retakes to capture a full image. Final rendered images taken with or without a grid, need no stitching or subtraction and require minimal manipulation, thanks to the built-in Longtail app.

No other long-length detector is as portable as the Longtail. Weighing only 11kg (23lbs) and equipped with wireless capability, the Longtail is compact, lightweight, and mobile. It can be easily moved from a wall mount to a cart, attached to a gurney, or used under-table where other long-length detectors cannot fit. The Longtail’s extreme portability also allows it to be packed and stowed for easy field use such as on-site triage, veterinary call-outs, and other mobile industrial and research applications.

Use of the Longtail delivers the lowest dosage for the most sensitive patients, or those who require multiple images over time. It can also can reduce dosage for full-spine and long-bone studies by at least 50% while providing the highest geometric accuracy available. The monolithic panel reduces unevenness and provides a perfect density gradient with no overlap.

The Longail App is high performance software specifically tailored for digital panels. It produces high resolution images through some of the most advanced processing algorithms and adaptive fltering, providing enhanced image contrast and sharpness that require little to no post-processing. The intuitive interface and touch-screen compatibility further streamline operations by being user-friendly.

The Longtail Application works seamlessly with any windows or mac-based operating system, including touch-screen compatibility. It includes all of the most advanced tools, acquisition, and processing capacities as well as specialized add-ons for orthopedic and chiropractic applications.

Remove tripping hazards and excess wires, maneuver it effortlessly from one location to another, or easily operate in rooms with limited space by using the Longtail wirelessly. Equipped with the latest and fastest 802.11ac wifi connectivity, the Longtail communicates directly with any designated wireless access point.

The Longtail is fitted with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries that take 2-3 hours to fully charge. One full charge yields 650 exposures and lasts 11 hours in standby mode. For wired use, the Longtail comes with a 5m magnetically connected cable.

Experience a new level of efficiency, diagnostic confidence, and precision with the Longtail. A single instant shot simplifies workflow while simultaneously reducing patient discomfort by lessening the time needed for them to hold still.

Experience peace of mind with your Longtail investment with a five-year service plan (with the option to renew) that includes ongoing 24/7 advanced remote technical support, plate replacement guarantees, recalibrations, and software updates.

The Longtail detector can also be used for localized studies by simply collimating to the area of clinical interest. The Longtail app will auto-shutter to generate images of any part of the body, making the Longtail detector the only panel necessary for all of your imaging needs.

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