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Non Destructive Testing for Pipes, Manufacturing, Pearling and Security

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Non Destructive Testing for Pipes, Manufacturing, Pearling and Security

The Longtail is perfectly designed for a variety of industrial applications. It’s lightweight portable profile, wireless capability, and superior quality DR imaging make it a versatile and reliable solution for even the most harsh environments to quickly detect flaws and damage before serious issues develop, preventing and/or reducing potential costs. The Longtail DRZ+ scintillator coupled with an amorphous silicon detector can accommodate a large range of NDT applications where large format images with a high degree of geometric accuracy is required.


Longtail Specs

Gadox Scintillator CsI Scintillator
Detector Technology a-Si a-Si
Scintillator DRZ+ CsI
Active Image Area 42×17 inches (107×43 cm) 107×43 cm
Pixel Matrix 7680×3072 (24mp) 7680×3072
Pixel Pitch 139 um 139 um
A/D Conversion 16 bit 16 bit
Minimum Detectable Dose 14nGy 20nGy
Maximum Linear Dose (RQA5) 110uGy 115uGy
MTF @ 1.0 LP/mm 0.65/0.50 0.64/0.70/-
MTF @ 2.0 LP/mm 0.33/0.21 0.41/0.44/-
MTF @ 3.0 LP/mm 0.18/0.10 0.23/0.25/-
DQE @ 0.0 LP/mm (2.5uGy) 0.60/0.35 0.67/0.71/-
DQE @ 1.0 LP/mm (2.5uGy) 0.45/0.22 0.52/0.56/-
DQE@ 2.0 LP/mm (2.5uGy) 0.32/0.15 0.43/0.46/-
DQE @ 3.0 LP/mm (2.5uGy) 0.15/0.07 0.18/0.22/-
Ghost (%, 300uGy, 60s) <0.25 <0.25
Spatial Resolution 3.6 LP/mm 3.6 LP/mm
Image Acquisition Time 1S 3S
X-ray Voltage Range 40-150 KV 40-150 KV
Data Interface GigE Wifi GigE Wifi
Power Dissipation 30 W 20W
Adapter Input AC 100-240V,50-60Hz AC 100-240V,50-60Hz
Adapter Output DC 24V,60W DC 24V,60W
Dimensions 111.5 x 47.1 x 1.5cm 111.5 x 47.1 x 1.5cm
Weight(kg) 10kg 10kg
Detector Housing Material Carbon, Al Alloy Carbon, Al Alloy
Water tightness IPX3 IPX3
Operating Environment 5-35ºC,10-75% RH 5-35ºC,10-75% RH

Versitility and efficiency at its best

Size accommodates a wide variety of patient sizes standing or on a table, local and long-length images. Single exposure radically reduces dosage.

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