All-Bite sensor Holder

Disposable Sensor Holder. A snap to use! Take either horizontal or vertical bite wing x-rays on the fly, without changing position or parts. Fits most size sensors. 30/box

Dental X-Ray Training Phantom

Dental X-Ray Training Procedure Phantom

The dental intra-oral X-ray training phantom includes a special DENTOFORM® model with radio-opaque metal teeth, flexible finger for holding film, bite-opening instruments, and latex tongue.

Adult version. Paediatric version also available.

Technical Specifications

  • FEATURES: Chair mount included
  • WEIGHT: 3 kg
  • OPTIONAL: Holder for bench/table

Uni-Verse-All Sensor Positioner Kit

The First Truly Universal Sensor Positioner!

Uni-Verse-All’s unique sensor holders snap in and snap out. Use to take Anterior or Posterior/Bite Wine images. Each sensor holder adjusts “on the fly” to hold every size sensor, horizontally or vertically and are fully autoclavable.

  • Anterior X-Rays with any size Sensor
  • Posterior X-Rays with any size Sensor
  • Horional Bite Wing X-Rays with any size Sensor
  • Vertical Bite Wing X-Rays with any size Sensor

Check out our Uni-Verse-All video on YouTube!

Bite Block Cover (300)

Disposable Bite Block Covers.

OPG Morita Box of 300 

45mm x 21mm