GloveOn® EUREKA Nitrile

  • Powder free
  • Fingertip Textured
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Chemo drugs tested
  • Lab chemical tested
  • Ambidextrous
  • Standard cuff
  • Dark/Cobalt blue colour


  • XS – L: 300 gloves per box
  • XL: 270 gloves per box
  • 10 Boxes per Carton

Disposable XL Patient Gown (Box of 100)

Disposable XL Patient Gown:

Dark blue disposable patient gown suitable for x-ray imaging and examination.  115cm x 210cm wide and made with 55gsm breathable and anti-static material.  (Bariatrict Patients). Cartons of 100 gowns.

Disposable Headrest Cover (box of 1000)

Disposable Hygienic Headrest Cover with Cross Cut

Cross cut (45gsm) – available in boxes of 1000. Disposable Covers are Great for busy therapists to accommodate clients in quick succession. We Know it is important to provide your clients with a comfortable environment while keeping your equipment clean and sanitary. That’s why we offer our Disposable Headrest Covers Sheets. Simply cover you headrest with a new, clean, hypoallergenic sheet each time. Clients love the feeling of the soft material cradling their face while knowing they are in hygienic environment.

Box of 10 bags of 100 pieces (1000)

OPG Bite Block

OPG Bite Block to fit 75xgmm centering post

Bite Block Cover (300)

Disposable Bite Block Covers. OPG Morita Box of 300

OPG Ear Olive

Cotton Dental Roll (pack of 40)

Disposable Cotton Dental Rolls 38x10mm. Pack of 40

Intra Oral Sensor Covers

Intra Oral Disposable Sensor Covers. Sold Individually.