BEEKLEY PointGuards® 315

PointGuards® Temporary Mark Covers

PointGuards® 315

Ensure accurate day to day reproducibility of set-ups during treatment with Beekley Medical PointGuards®. Precut clear adhesive covers provide a watertight seal and stay securely in place for up to 4 weeks. Proven to be less irritating to skin than other methods, PointGuards® are quick and easy to use.

BEEKLEY O-SPOT® Light Image® 652 Florals

O-SPOT® Light Image® 652 Florals

O-SPOT® mole markers provide certainty that densities on mammographic images highlighted by the O-shaped marker are moles and not areas of concern. See-through Light Image® marker allows visibility of underlying tissue detail. Compatible with both digital and analog equipment.