14″ x 17″ ATX Flat Panel DR Package

Apixia EXL PSP Scanner-108L


The EXL® PSP Scanner packs tremendous imaging power into a small package.

Tiny enough to fit into the most crowded work stations, yet robust enough to be placed in a central location for use by the entire clinic, the EXL® PSP Scanner is the ideal product for any size practice.

Imaging with PSP plates offers all the flexibility and durability of film, combined with the immediacy and environmental benefits of digital radiography.


Imaging is fast and simple.

The smart top-loading design harnesses the power of gravity for simple loading and fuss-free use. In just a short time, the crystal clear radiograph appears on the computer screen, ready for viewing. Simply insert the next exposed plate when ready.


The EXL®PSP Scanner stitch holder can capture maximum image area by putting four size 4 PSP Plates together in a stitched holder.

Includes: Apixia EXL PSP X-Ray Scanner System



Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7/

VISTA/XP (32, 64-bit)

USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 Port

CD/DVD Drive

*Computer not included



Dimensions 214 mm x 170 mm x 266 mm

Weight 5.1 kg (11.23 lb)

Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Theoretical Resolution 22 lp/mm

Scan Time 5-8 seconds

Connection Type USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 / Ethernet

Plate Sizes Size #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Plate Erasing Automatic

Software TWAIN Compatible / DICOM 3.0

ATX LongTail Full Spine Gadox Panel

  • The Longtail is the world’s first monolithic full-spine flat-panel DR detector. No more long scan wait, no image stitching, no image gaps, and no plate overlap.

    It is the first of it’s kind to produce long-bone and full-spine digital studies instantaneously with the highest geometric accuracy.

    At 44 inch (112 cm) long, the Longtail can take a full spine 42 x 17 inch (108 x 43 cm)

    x-ray images in just one single shot. With tripled power of image acquisition, Longtail reads out images as fast as any regular 14 x 17 inch or 17 x 17 inch detectors and processes outstanding images with high DQE and high resolution. Equipped with highly sensitive AED function, the Longtail can be easily connected to and synchronized with any kind of generator.

    The Longtail contains either a DRZ+ scintillator coupled with an amorphous silicon detector. It has an active imaging area of 42 × 17 inch that can accommodate a wide variety of patient sizes in both the supine or standing positions, reducing the need for retakes to capture a full image. Final rendered images taken with or without a grid, need no stitching or subtraction and require minimal manipulation, thanks to the built-in Longtail app.

    The Longtail is fitted with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries that take 2-3 hours to fully charge. One full charge yields 650 exposures and lasts 11 hours in standby mode. For wired use, the Longtail comes with a 5m magnetically connected cable.

    The Longtail detector can also be used for localized studies by simply collimating to the area of clinical interest. The Longtail app will auto-shutter to generate images of any part of the body, making the Longtail detector the only panel necessary for all of your imaging needs.

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M920z All-in-One Computer – Core i5 i5-8500 – 8 GB RAM – 512 GB SSD – 60.5 cm (23.8″) 1920 x 1080 – Desktop – Business Black – Windows 10 Pro 64-bit – Intel UHD Graphics 630 – DVD-Writer – Wireless LAN – Bluetooth
  • DROC is a DR image acquisition workstation based on Windows. It provides complete control of all image capture functions for DR application. It delivers the better image quality with lower dose. DROC also has fully integrated with most of imaging components as X-ray generators, flat panel detectors (FPD), collimators, DAPs, and mechanical positioning systems.Intuitive User Interface and Workflow
    • Fully customization capability
    • Easily localization to ANY language
    • Optimized touch screen operations
    • Auto fit any display resolution
    • Dedicated exam protocols and positioning guides
    • Powerful functionalities for image processing, view, review, and printWide Ranged Hardware Compatibility
      • Fully integration with most components including X-ray generators, FPDs, mechanical etc.
      • Support different flat panel detectors in one system
      • Open software infrastructure for fast integration of new components
      • Powerful and flexible system configuration tool

      Advanced Clinical Applications


      • Auto-Image Stitching
      • Dual-Energy Imaging
      • Digital TomographyImaging

      Adapt to Different Application Scenario

      • Retrofit DR Application
      • Portable DR Application
      • Mobile DR Application
      • Fixed X-ray DR Application
      • Detector Sharing DR Application


  • Training & Installation provided
  • ATX Cloud PACS DICOM Image storing platform (1 year)