Octostop Half Ingot Filter

Half Ingot Filter

L29 x W19 x H4.5 cm approx 1.8kg.

Full Set Spine Filters


  • No 1, 2, 3, & 4 Point Filters
  • Male and Female Gonad A-Guard Shields
  • A-O Cervico Thoraciv or A-P Full Spine
  • Lateral Gonad Shield
  • Paraspinal and Breast Blockers
  • Sternum-Breasts
  • Spinous (Lumbar)
  • Lateral Lung
  • Lateral Cervical & Thyroid
  • Lateral Thoracic

Reduce Radiation dose by up to 95%


Lateral Sternum

Full Spine Filters, Lateral Sternum: Use in lateral Cervico-thoracic combination or Lat. Thoracic. Lower until curve matches thoracic kyphosis (shields and breasts).